Medical Missions Save Lives

Etenesh is from southern Ethiopia, where she lives with her husband and his family. Their income is limited – her husband works in a barber shop — and they grow some food to supplement it. We met Etenesh during her first preganacy; she had come to Leku Hopital by ambulance from the health center with some worrying symptoms.

Two doctors were on hand to treat Etenesh – one from Wide Horizons’ Medical Mission plus a local doctor. After assessing her, the doctors had to jump into action — unbeknownst to her, she was carrying twins and had had no prenatal care or ultrasound. Her condition required an emergency C-section.

After the surgery, when was asked how he was feeling, her husband said he was happy she was alive — he was worried she would die. The following day, Etenesh was awake and said she was feeling better and was happy.

Without the expert help of our medical mission doctor, Etenesh – and her babies – would have died. Instead, Etenesh and her family had much to rejoice about.

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