Fidelia: Safety and a New Family

From Abuse to a New Home

Today, Fidelia is an active and charismatic young girl. But she had a very rough start in life. Her parents suffered from addiction and beat Fidelia regularly. They forced her to beg on the streets for money. If she didn’t collect enough, she endured more beatings.

Thankfully, when Fidelia was 5, she was rescued and welcomed into Hogar Luz de Maria, one of the privately run, family-like homes for orphans that Wide Horizons For Children supports in Guatemala. The first few months were challenging, because Fidelia’s early childhood trauma caused her to lash out at other children and her caregivers.

But as she attended school, she excelled in her studies. She also received psychological help to deal with her traumatic past. After several months, Fidelia started to flourish. And, she started to dream of being adopted into a family that would love and cherish her.

In September 2018, her dream came true. Fidelia was adopted by Miriam, a single mother, who lives in Guatemala. She is a teacher and already has a grown adopted daughter who will soon graduate from college. When Fidelia learned of her new mother and sister, she was scared but happy to finally have the safety and love of a family — her family.

“One of the main goals of the Home is for children to live in a family. It makes me very happy to know that a child has a family …,” says Dinora Palacios, Director of Hogar Luz de Maria. Staff members continue to keep in touch with children like Fidelia who are adopted.

Despite the scars she bears from her early years, Fidelia is now happy and adjusted, thanks to her new family and a brighter future

Fidelia went from being abused to being loved by her new family, thanks to the care and help she received at Hogar Luz de Maria.

One of the main goals of the Home is for children to live in a family.
Dinora Palacios
Director of Hogar Luz de Maria

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